About Ultimate Coders

One of the fastest-growing online and in-person Computer Coding and Robotics classes for Kids – SK to Grade 12. Ultimate Coders has created a unique, game-based curriculum and system to meet the needs of the parents while keeping the children engaged in the learning process. Our mission is to deliver superior quality coding education to children.

Where are the classes located?

We teach in-person and online. Our online classes can be taken from anywhere in the world. Our in-person classes are available in the Toronto and Vancouver region of Canada

What programs does Ultimate Coders offer?

We offer programs for all age groups starting SK to Grade 12 that includes programming languages like:

  • Game Design with Scratch and Robotics
  • Application Development with Python
  • Web Development with JavaScript
  • Build and Design Robots and Gadgets with Arduino and C++
  • Visual Coding with Scratch Jr and Codespark Academy.

For more information on our program, please visit our programs page: https://www.ultimatecoders.ca/programs

What is the teaching method at Ultimate Coders?

We believe in giving personalized attention to each student and implement project-based learning. Not everyone learns at the same pace or with the same style. We have developed customized curricula that our teachers use to provide step-by-step instructions to create games and projects in the coding language of students’ interests. Our teachers explain coding fundamentals while working on the projects. We have noticed this method to be an excellent way to enhance students’ learning experiences and to keep them engaged.

Who are the teachers at Ultimate Coders?

Our teachers are Computer Science graduates and students from local universities, and they are based in Canada. They are thoroughly vetted for their coding skills and teaching ability. We hold regular training for our teachers to improve their skillset. Our teachers go through background checks before joining Ultimate Coders.

What are the class and price options?

For the pricing please contact your nearest location and they will be able to provide you with accurate pricing for that location.

Can we try out a class before signing up?

Absolutely yes! You are welcome to sign-up for a free 1-hour introductory coding lesson before signing up. Besides assessing Ultimate Coders, you also need to ensure that students are interested and enjoying the class and we are the right fit for their needs. As a part of the trial class, we will do an assessment and recommend you the right program and level for your child based on age and previous experience.

Does Ultimate Coders provide sibling discount?

Yes, we offer a 10% discount for 2nd and 3rd siblings for our in-person classes.

Is there any long-term commitment with Ultimate Coders?

We believe in utmost transparency and flexibility. There’s no long-term commitment with Ultimate Coders, our class plans are month-to-month, you can cancel your plan anytime with a month’s notice.

How do I decide the right program and level for my student?

We begin with evaluating students’ prior experience and projects they’re interested in during the free trial class. After our initial assessment, we recommend a program that matches their objectives and keeps them interested in learning. Assigning students at the right level is important for their long-term success. As we progress with classes, based on a student’s learning pace and ability, we realign our lesson plans.

What does a typical In-person class look like?

Our in-person classes are scheduled, students meet with their teacher at a recurring time each week. When a student arrives in the classroom, he/she is allocated a computer or a robot to work on the project. The assigned teacher always stays with the student to answer and explain lessons. A teacher always reviews completed work and frequently challenges students to think outside the box to make design improvements.

What does a typical online class look like?

A student joins the Zoom meeting using a link sent on their email to access the online classroom, students meet with their teacher at a scheduled time each week. The student needs a computer with a microphone and speaker (camera optional) along with an internet connection. The teacher views student’s screen and guides them to work on their next project after checking their previous homework. Zoom meeting is very interactive, and teachers maintain constant communication with students to keep them engaged.

What is the technology requirement for an Online class?

  1. Desktop or laptop (Windows/macOS recommended), with microphone and speaker (camera is optional).
  2. Mouse for efficient browsing.
  3. Updated web browser (Example; Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).
  4. High-speed internet connection.
  5. Headphones are recommended for the students to effectively communicate with teachers in online classrooms