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Ultimate Coders has created a unique, game-based curriculum and system to meet the needs of the parents while keeping the children engaged in the learning process. Our mission is to deliver superior quality coding education to the children.

21st Century Education

More than 65% of young people will work in jobs that don’t exist yet— robotics, artificial intelligence and analyze big data. To succeed in careers across industries, all students need a solid foundation in computer science skills and experience using technology today. At Ultimate Coders we believe every child has untapped potential and we are here to uncover those talents.

Advance & succeed in
Computer Science

Every student deserves the chance to explore, advance, and succeed in computer science. Ultimate Coders’ helps to ensure that every student has access to the collaborative, coding, and technical skills that unlock opportunities in the classroom and beyond–no matter what their future goals may be. Our vision is to improve students’ confidence and abilities and promote their success and desire for excellence in school and in life.

Digital skills are
tools of empowerment.

The world is changing, and we want kids to be ready. We’re here to make sure that all the kids have access to the knowledge they need to prosper in our digital world. We engage kids in an interactive and dynamic learning environment. Our goal is to teach coding to every kid which helps them to develop academic skills, build qualities like perseverance and organization, and gain valuable 21st-century skills that can even translate into a career.
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Ultimate Coders is a
community learning center

Not only is computer coding for kids is vital to success in the technology-driven economy of the 21st century, but it can teach kids a broad range of skills that will help them in countless other areas as well. We are proud to partner with entrepreneurs across the country to bring Ultimate Coders to their nearest community.
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